"Finding the Balance in the middle of the constant Flow of energy, thoughts and emotions"
The Programme was created originally for Dance students and it is open to Professionals of Dance and all Artists of different disciplines. 
The content takes us from ancient practices (like Shiatsu, Qigong) into the most  modern techniques  in neuroscience (NLP, visualisation)and emotional intelligence with benefits backed up by the latest scientific research.

The programme brings an innovative approach to integrate body, mind and emotions; although each segment could be taken individually.

Participants learn specific tools that allow them to continue practising all the concepts we learn in class in very practical ways. This programme is geared to help them identify, understand and resolve the issues preventing them from achieving their full potential as Artists.

The programme for Professionals Artists is based on the same structure -body, mind, emotion- and it is designed for those that seek a continuous self-development to share in their art and believe in reaching the best version of themselves.

The programme for Dance Teachers offers sessions to support the teacher's needs.
They will learn tools for self-care to relax, recharge and to enjoy an effective teaching experience. There are also available NLP techniques that bring a new vision in education.
The programme for Children aims to build confidence and self-worth from an early age, recognising and expressing emotions for a healthy development.
Children really enjoy concentration techniques with a mindful approach and the freedom they find in creative visualization and movement.