"The internal intention we envision in our minds creates a specific outcome in relation to our surroundings, the stage and the audience" 

The field of neuroscience opens a new door of possibilities. Self-transformation is possible at any time, from youth to adulthood, from personal to artistic level.

The newest research tell us about the Plasticity of the brain -the brain's ability to shape itself, according to our experiences and the interpretation we give them- and Neurogenesis -the brain's ability to create new cells-

In this part of the programme we will practice first mindful techniques, resting the mind and slowing down thought patterns to enhance concentration, focus, clarity and memory.

We will also explore Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP techniques)with the

aim to enhancing self-confidence, self-worth, achieving specific goals and maximum potential with the purpose of facing up challenges like exams, auditions and for the professionals to bring their performance to a new level.

Through a five-sensory creative practice we will reach beyond our limitations.

We also work with creative visualisation by rehearsing mentally:

 -A specific part of the artist's own technique to improve its quality;

 -A choreography to learn and memorise without the use of physical energy:

 -A part of the body working at its best to speed up recovery;

 -A future projection of optimal performance to exercise imagination.