SHIATSU PRACTICE with ivana saldaña

This Japanese form of massage involves powerful stimulation of the body’s pressure points to invigorate and relax. Combined with stretching, palming, and mobilizing movements, this massage also loosens profound muscular tension. 

This is a holistic practice based on Chinese medicine that enhances your wellbeing, working at physical, emotional, and mental levels. Releasing stress and achieving vitality.

The session includes a brief consultation, diagnosis, and optional recommendations.

We ensure all treatments are tailored to suit your unique requirements, targeting specific problem areas and providing the relief, relaxation, and support you need.

The duration of the session is from 60 to 75 minutes.

Comfortable clothing is recommended.


Ivana had an artistic career as a dancer spanning over a decade in Spain and the US. Settled in San Francisco, she made the transition from the Art of Dance to the Art of Healing, creating the “Balance in Flow’ programme. 

She hosts a private Shiatsu/ NLP practice in London since 2000, treating people such as artists, athletes, and those with health issues from the elderly to newborns.

She is certified as a Shiatsu therapist at San Francisco School of Massage in the USA and Zen Shiatsu School In London UK (accredited by Middlesex University). She is also an NLP Master Practitioner with more than 25 years of experience.

Ivana shares her innovative vision and expertise with a wider audience through international workshops, bringing together the professional experience she has gathered through years of healing and nurturing practices with the knowledge acquired as a health therapist.