Enhance Performance for the Arts 

This is an innovative programme that integrates Mind, Body and Emotion, through the theoretical and experiential studies for transformation and expansion of the new generation of artists.


​Entering in the field of Neuroscience, working on techniques in Neuro-linguistics and visualisation, to enhance focus, concentration and memory, clarifying goals, intention and purpose to

  • Achieve maximum potential.

  • Build self-confidence.

  • Expand imagination and creativity.

  • Discover infinite possibilities.



Experiencing oriental practices, like Shiatsu. Developing inner strength and grounding, outer flexibility and freedom, to connect inwards and discover movement and sensation from within to

  • Enjoy deep relaxation.

  • Achieve optimal revitalization.

  • Learn self-healing and care.

  •  Prevent injury.


Connecting with the emotional intelligence. Enjoying self-awareness techniques, to recognise true emotions to

  • Transform emotional states.

  • Discover self-identity.

  • Express authentically from the heart.

  • Build generosity as artists.

"I have known Ivana Saldaña and her work for many years and I have pleasure in recommending her programme.

Young developing artists and professionals will undoubtedly benefit from the essential practical tools she provides to stimulate self-confidence and inner strength via visualisation and neuro-linguistic programming."

Diane van Schoor

(Former Principal, The Royal Ballet School, White Lodge, London)


"Ivana’s calm and reassuring presence brings about the ideal atmosphere to experience her relaxation techniques, enabling you to release stress, yet feel both energised and refreshed. It was a pleasure to welcome her to work with our students giving them practical tools to enhance performance and develop inner strength and emotional balance. Ivana also worked with the staff, all of whom appreciated her knowledge and evident passion for her subject.          Thank you Ivana!"


Samira Saidi

(Former Director at English National Ballet School)